Broadacres Marketplace
January 17, 2022

Broadacres Marketplace is in the Affordable, Value and Family oriented Retail/ Entertainment Business in Clark County, Nevada.  BM will be recognized as providing the most diverse offerings in this market segment and providing unmatched quality and customer service to both customers and vendors.

Broadacres Marketplace sits on over 44 acres of land with 22 acres of paved parking.  We are located at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Pecos Blvd. in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are open every Friday from 4:00pm, Saturday and Sunday from 6:00am.

Broadacres Marketplace has over 1,100 vendor spaces.  Our slogan is “where value and entertainment come together.”  Our vendors sell everything! These items include: antiques, collectibles, toys, crafts, household appliances, tools, shoes, and even coconuts!

Broadacres Marketplace has a large stage and covered seating area where customers can enjoy live bands every Saturday and Sunday.  This area also includes 10 large HD screens which show popular sporting events and shows.

Broadacres Marketplace has a wide range of food and beverage choices.  We have a snack bar and 6 restaurants serving everything from Mexican food to authentic BBQ.


The food establishments are:


Inside you will find a large selection of breakfast and lunch items as well as quick grab n go items. For breakfast, try our famous breakfast burrito or ask one of our friendly cooks to prepare you pancakes or french toast. If you’re looking for something for lunch, we have a full menu which includes cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, chicken wings, french fries and much more. In addition, the snack bar serves 5 types of draft beer. These beers are Modelo Especial, Miller Lite, Corona Light, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. The snack bar is located in front of the stage and picnic area. Look for the large brown building.



Formerly known as Huli Huli Chicken and Texas BBQ, Rob’s Chicken ‘n Ribs offers the same great food, just in a new location. Rob’s can be found inside the Bandstand Cafe which is located in front of the main stage and picnic area. Rob’s features rotisserie chicken, slow turned over a mesquite wood fire, succulent fall off the bone St. Louis style pork ribs, smoked beef brisket and chicken sticks are also offered, All your favorite side are available to accompany your meal like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, baked or refried beans, and Mexican rice. All this food is still cooked on the same BBQ grills, by the same cook, who has been producing this food for over ten years. You can watch the food being cooked in the new cooking area on Main Street next to the Rob’s Hot Dog and Soda stand. Follow the smoke and the aroma of barbequing meat and you will find it. Same great equipment, same great cook, same great taste just a new location.



Located in the previous Rob’s Chicken ‘n Rib’s location, which is now in the snack bar, you will find Tlayudas, a Mexican twist to pizza, birria, tacos, menudo, giant quesadillas, ice cream, milk shakes and a whole lot more.



Located across from the main drive-in gate, this seafood restaurant serves a variety of  fresh seafood to our customers. Whole fries fish, numerous shrimp dishes and plates of mixed seafood are just some of what is on the menu. Check this place out on your next visit to Broadacres.



Sandra’s Mexican Restaurant has been at Broadacres Marketplace & Event Center for over 9 years.  They specialize in authentic Mexican Cuisine including tortas, burritos, tacos and nachos.  In addition, Sandra’s serves an assortment of coffee drinks and also makes fruit smoothies and shakes.  Sandra’s Mexican Restaurant is located next to the reservation office.



Teriyaki Bowl has been at Broadacres Marketplace for over 12 years.  They specialize in Asian Cuisine with dishes such as satay sticks, chicken fried rice, sweet and sour pork and pad thai.  Teriyaki Bowl is located next to Texas BBQ on the 4000 row.



Located at the southeast corner of the 4000 and 500 rows, Tacos Tijuana is an authentic Tijuana-style outdoor taqueria. Tacos Tijuana offers many different tacos and prepares them in full view of the guests. It’s a great show to watch. Tacos de cabeza, lengua, asada, pastor, tripa, suadero, buche and chorizo are just some of the selections offered. Be adventurous and try them all. Tacos Tijuana has ample, cool covered seating, in a garden setting.  Next time you are at Broadacres, stop by and give Tacos Tijuana a try.



The Broadacres Food Fair is located under the large red roof structure between the 4000 and 5000 rows. At the Food Fair, you will find a wide variety of different foods, from around the world, offered in a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere.

  • Pupuseria El Cordero

    Offering delicious handmade pupusas, yucas and empanadas

  • Culichi Sushi

    A unique Mexican twist to traditional sushi

  • Funnel Cake

    Funnel cakes made to order right in front of you. They come with your choice of toppings like mango or strawberries

  • Gorditas El Fugon

    Gorditas stuffed with your choice of six different fillings like carne asada or al pastor

  • Dulces Mexicanos

    Offering Mexican candies and sweet treats

  • Algodones de Azucar

    Cotton candy made fresh right in front of you

  • La Botana Carnitas Michoacanas

    Carnitas sold by the pound or served on a plate with rice and beans

  • CocoTime

    Serving fresh coconuts, chicharrones with cueritos, assorted nuts and candies

  • Frutas Locas

    Offering 12 refreshing flavored waters made fresh daily, fresh whole fruit, watermelon bowls, strawberries and crème and much more

  • Mr. Papa Potato Chip

    Selling everything potato. French fries, baked potatoes with assorted toppings and their famous spiral potato on a stick

  • Raspados Las Vegas

    Refreshing crushed ice drinks served with your choice of 25 different flavors

  • Ten-Ten Pie

    Delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs topped with your choice of condiments

  • Guerrero Azteca Tejuino Jalico Style

    The corn drink of the Aztecs. Made with masa and served with fresh lime juice and sea salt

  • Via Pizza

    Serving authentic Italian pizza, paninis, and pastas. The caprese panini is a must try

  • Crepe Express

    Amazing crepes made to order. 5 topping to choose from. They offer ice cream and ice cream cones also

  • Platillos

    Serving stuffed sandwiches, tostadas, tajadas, fried tacos and other delicious food offerings

  • Ruby’s Tacos

    This taco stand offers 7 different meat tacos from tongue to carne asada

  • Machetes

    Machete size quesadillas stuffed with your choice of fillings. They also serve pambasos, a sandwich fried with chile sauce and cemitas, a milanese sandwich with avocado and pickled onions

  • Kettle Caramel Corn

    Popped right before your eyes. Fresh caramel corn and flavored popcorns served here

  • Carnitas El Cunado

    Carnitas cooked long and slow. Offering four different meat tacos like buche, pork skin, carnitas and a mixture of all

  • Asian Magic

    Serving a number of different flavored boba teas

  • Birria de Res Zacatecas style

    This is a food trailer located on the 6000 row, they offer tacos, consommé de birria, burritos and tostadas

  • Hula Hut

    This is why Las Vegas is called the Ninth Island. Serving Hawaiian favorites like Kaula Pork, Spam Musubi, Loco Moco, Coconut Rolls and many other great dishes from the islands

  • Planet Protein Snack Bar

    Offering a healthier food alternative like tuna or chicken salad served either as a sandwich or as a wrap. Planet Protein offers numerous protein shakes and green juices as well as salads and yogurts

  • Bamboo Asian Grill

    Bamboo offers a wide selection of Chinese food. Their food is made in small batches so it’s always fresh and hot.

  • Las Enchiladas de Mama

    This food vendor offers 14 different types of enchiladas. These enchiladas are made to order. Check out their menu. There’s something for everyone.

In addition to our snack bar and 6 restaurants, Broadacres Marketplace offers many other food and drink options. They include:


Our beer stands are located throughout the marketplace and serve 4 types of draft beer. These beers are Modelo Especial, Miller Lite, Corona Light, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. For a south of the border twist on beer, try a refreshing michelada. We are also proudly serving Redd’s Apple Ale in the beer stand on Main Street across from the coconut stand and from the Miller beer cart located in the stage and picnic area.



Our stand is the perfect place to stop and pick up a quick snack or refreshment. You can find hot dogs, nachos, sno-cones and all types of non-alcoholic beverages including famous lemonade.



These stands serve a variety of soft drinks, Gatorade, Rock Star and water. In addition to refreshing beverages, these stands offer a variety of grab n go items. The stands are located throughout the marketplace for your convenience.



A churro is a long fried-dough pastry that is rolled in sugar and cinnamon then served hot. A churro is a must have when you visit Broadacres Marketplace. These carts are located throughout the marketplace.