Open Every Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday  |  (702) 642-3777 @ EXT. 104, 105 & 106, FAX (702) 642-6408

Food Offerings

The Broadacres Food Fair is located under the large red roof structure between the 4000 and 5000 rows. At the Food Fair, you will find a wide variety of different foods, from around the world, offered in a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere.

These are some of the vendors that you can find at The Broadacres Food Fair:

  • Pupuseria El Cordero
  • Culichi Sushi
  • Gorditas El Fugon
  • Dulces Mexicanos
  • Algodones de Azucar
  • La Botana Carnitas
  • Michoacanas
  • CocoTime
  • Frutas Locas
  • Mr. Papa Potato Chip
  • Raspados Las Vegas
  • Ten-Ten Pie
  • Guerrero Azteca Tejuino
  • Jalisco Style
  • Via Pizza
  • Crepe Express
  • Platillos
  • Ruby’s Tacos
  • Machetes
  • Carnitas El Cuñado
  • Birria de Res Zacatecas style
  • Bamboo Asian Grill
  • Las Enchiladas de Mama
  • Pico de Gallo
The Street-Style Tacos at our Food Fair will transport you back to the homeland one bite at a time.
Sopes & Gorditas
We dare you to try these traditional Sinaloa's Cuisine dishes. Mmmm!
Mexican Sushi
Mexican Style Sushi. We bet it will blow your taste buds. So Flavorful!!
Birria & Enchiladas
The next best thing to being in Guadalajara eating Tacos de Birria, is eating them at our Food Fair. You won't believe it!
Aguas Frescas & Strawberry Dip in Chocolate
Just indescribable! You must experience the experience yourself.
Sweet tooth? We got the fix for you. Come over to our Food Fair.
Tortas & Huaraches
In a hurry and wanna keep it deliciously simple? These are for you!


A beautiful sigh of nostalgia. Authentic gastronomy, music & an endless selection of actual Latino products. An assortment of childhood-like attractions and overall, unmatched affordable prices.


It feels like home!